Steam Powered Adventure, Huckford Viaduct – Coasters (individual)


Locals have narrowed down this train to an Edward I no6024 steam train which passed over Huckford Viaduct on the 2nd October in 1996. A statement painting oozing with texture and detail. Each tone and part of this painting has been built up lovingly with numerous layers.

Price is for one coaster – quantities can be added at checkout
Made in the UK.

FSC wooden board with non stick cork base
Coaster – 10 x 10cm

Each placemat has a manufacturer sticker at the bottom:
‘Care for you placemat : This placemat is suitable for warm plates and dishes only. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by excessive heat or water’

Due to the nature of printing, placemats and coasters may differ in colours to the original paintings.

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