My Story

Holly Dunham

Fine artist based in the tranquil Cotswold countryside

I capture memories and emotions in magical seascapes, landscapes, florals and cloudscapes. Vibrant colours and textures sweep across my canvases adding mood and vibrancy to any room.

Sketching on location and painting outdoors, I let the paint move around the canvas, making its own marks and tones – spending many hours just observing what I see and how I feel. Each painting is filled with heart and spirit.

My Story

How I Got Started

My childhood was spent paddling in the local stream, horse riding through the country lanes and exploring the meadow fields surrounding our little house in the village of Coombe in Gloucestershire. This love of the outdoors has clearly left its mark on me.

I graduated Fine Art at the University of The West Of England following Art College. Enjoying years of exhibiting and exploring my art practise, I was over the moon to win the John Hulla Award by the School of Creative Arts with a First Class Honours Degree. Soon after I graduated as a qualified Art Teacher at master’s level.

I then spent a number of years away from the canvas and only after rediscovering my artist voice I returned to what I was meant to do. Bringing joy to others and truly listening to what my hearts whispers were telling me. It took courage and patience to take the leap from teaching to stepping back into my artist’s shoes – but I feel so grateful that I did.

What if I fall?


Oh, but my darling…


What if you fly?
Erin Hanson

Many times I am asked what I work from when I paint. The truth is it varies – photos, real life and my imagination. I am often lost in the process of painting. I enter a meditative state moving with tone, texture and the natural movements of the paint and how it wants to guide me. I work instinctively, allowing the image to evolve and the paint to generate tones and textures organically.

Colour and texture play a huge role in what I create; brush, sponge, pallet knife, fork, lace and fabric are all found in my studio. My canvas provides an exploration for my emotions and often an outlet to just ‘let it be’.

My paintings capture moments, memories and celebrations of nature, encouraging the senses to come alight and from a deep connection with earth’s gifts. My palette is generated by mood, embracing what is in my head and also what is reality, often a dance between both. The subject matter is primarily seascapes celebrating my ongoing love affair with the sea and landscapes celebrating nature and all its healing powers. Canvas’s filled with colour, vibrant colourful flowers and atmospheric skies.

I am a romantic, a believer and a spiritualist. I endeavour to inspire, to ease, bring joy and clarity and to transport the viewer to a place of peace and mindfulness. My paintings are available to buy as originals, prints and greetings cards. I love hearing how much my customers are enjoying their artwork and feel very blessed to have many returning customers. 

If you would like me to create you or a loved one a bespoke luxury painting – turning your ideas and memories into reality, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I love to hear from you.