My luxury paintings are highly detailed turning your memories and ideas into reality.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to turn your ideas and memories into a bespoke artwork for you or a loved one which you can treasure forever. One of my favourite parts of being asked to create a bespoke artwork for you is the collaborative journey travelled on by artist and client as the painting comes to life. Please find below a guide, outlining how this journey works.

Your painting journey:


Step 1 – Decide which size

You may already have an idea of sizing you would like – If not, I am here to offer advice on which sizing will work the best for your chosen composition.

Step 2 – Contact

Once you have decided on a size, contact me via the Luxury Bespoke painting enquiry form below and give me a brief description of your chosen composition with the size you would like.

Step 3 – Photographs

High resolution photos are key for me to paint as much detail as possible. Please send me as many photos as you like as they inform colour; proportions, ambiance of location and the amount of detail I can paint from your image. Especially important when painting the characteristics of loved ones.

Step 4 – Planning sketch

Once you have chosen your final composition, I will paint a watercolour painting to explore your final choice – you will see your ideas come to life! At this point any large changes can be made.


Step 5 – Booking

How exciting you are booking your commission! A booking payment invoice will be sent to you with a breakdown of payments detailing 50% deposit, 25% half way through and the remaining 25% due on completion. Once the deposit is paid you will be put on the commission list to secure your estimated commission time. Please read and agree to Terms and Conditions, along with signing the Commission contract send by HelloSign before paying.

Step 6 – Your painting begins

I will contact you when I am ready to begin your artwork. Each stage of the painting will be documented on social media, sending you regular updates and work in progress photos. This is a magical experience as you see your painting developing and transforming. If your painting is a gift, please let me know and we will keep this process hush to not spoil the surprise!


Step 7 – Completion

I will notify you when 25% is due half way through the project and when the remaining 25% balance of payment is due on your artworks completion. Once the final payment has been received, your painting will be wrapped with love, along with a certificate of authenticity and a thank you note.

Step 8 – Shipping

Where possible I will hand deliver your painting. Collection is also available. Posted orders will be sent recorded and insured special delivery. When you have received your artwork kindly let me know it has arrived safely.

Commission Story

A Beautiful Moment

‘A Beautiful Moment’, Ladram Bay was an absolute joy to paint and really touched my heart. It had a really special journey and with the permission of its owner Hazel, I’d like to share its story with you. Paintings are incredibly powerful, healing, mood evoking and lifting. Ladram was commissioned to capture a timeless memory, capturing Hazel’s late father who had sadly passed away. 

“I’m after a painting of Ladram Bay with my late father painted in. Not overly detailed just from side / behind strolling the beach. I don’t have a specific picture though, I thought I did… Can I send you some images and see what you think you could do?”

– Hazel

It was very clear from day one that Ladram Bay held a place in Hazel’s heart and my whole heart would be poured into it to capture this for them. Each painting I create has a soul of its own and I knew this one was going to be very special.

“Shall we start at around L50cmxH40cm for a quote and can wiggle around from there?”

– Hazel

Once we had discussed the brief further including the sizes which would suit the composition in mind and fit perfectly in Hazels home –  paperwork was signed and the deposit paid which enables me to begin. Together we decided on W100xH50cm on deep canvas. 

The first stages are sizing and scaling – working out the final composition, colour palette and any other part of the piece I’d like to explore before moving onto the canvas. I then scale the drawing up onto a triple primed canvas. The scale lines are then rubbed out to leave the final sketch, ready for painting.

Throughout all my commissions it’s incredibly important to me that you come on the painting journey with me, so each stage was photographed or videoed and sent to Hazel. At these points we are able to discuss decisions and ensure that you are absolutely happy with the artistic choices I make.

The soft tones in the sky was blocked in first. Each part of the painting is a journey and built on using many layers and tones, highlights and mark making.

With the significance of the painting capturing this memory, this lasting moment, I felt compelled to paint in a sunset. The sunset glowing and warming the sea was carefully created using pallet knife and brush.

“Hi Hazel. The first layers of colours are being added. I then build on the textures and tones, using pallet knife and brush. From there I keep adding in detail, from the smallest pebble to the edges of the clouds. The final stages will be to add your father into the composition.

Any questions Hazel, just ask”

– Holly xx

“Wow, it’s looking beautiful. You’re so talented”

– Hazel

I normally begin my paintings from the back and work my way forward to the foreground and then back around the whole painting adding final details and highlights. However this painting felt like a dance – A gentle dance between drying thick layers of tiny foliage and moss on the cliffs to the most subtle elegant brush strokes to define water reflection.

Once the backdrop was painted, the most important part was to begin – where Hazel’s late father was going to find his home. My heart was telling me he needed to sit at the foot of the suns glow.

I was now about half way through painting and Hazel kindly transferred the second payment when notified of this. My paintings let me know when I need to stop painting, they tell me where details needs to be added.

“Hi Hazel I hope you are well! I am really pleased with how the colours are coming together on your painting. The rock formation layers have worked well and sit in beautiful contrast with the gentle sea. The glow being built from the sunset brings such a warmth to the image. I can’t wait to start sketching the final position for your father whom will bring it all together…”

– Holly xx

It was then my artistic eye, along with cut out sketches of different sized figures to finalise how large he was going to be. It was paramount that I studied the images closely to see how he walked, held himself and moved – this would ensure the painting was a true likeness.

“I am now looking at the position and proportions of your father. My gut feeling is he should be near the sunset hitting the beach. I will pop some images below for you to see. I will sketch and cut out mock ups of different sizes, which allows me to move the figure around before settling on a position “

– Holly xx

“It is looking so beautiful. I’m so pleased with how it’s coming along… Love seeing the evolution of the painting, I’ll be keeping them all to look back on! Can’t wait to see the finished product.”

– Hazel

Watching the layers work together to build the painting is one of my favourite parts. As an artist, it’s something I get completely lost in – entering into such a calm meditative state. It was now time for me to enter the dance again, moving pack around the canvas painting in tiny waves, flecks from the sun’s glow hitting pebbles and gentle shadows created from individual pebbles on the sand.

It was now time for me to step back from the final image and apply two coats of protective varnish. Once dry, Hazel’s painting was wrapped with much care and love. A delivery time was then organised to suit Hazel.

I feel touched that I am able to take your memories and dreams and turn them into a painting that you can treasure forever. With the sun kissing his cheeks as he searches for pebbles and the gentle lapping of the waves, the sun touches the sea on a beautiful moment captured forever.

“…The final piece is breathtaking. Not only has she captured the beach perfectly but more incredibly my dad. He’s not even facing the camera in my chosen shot but it’s instantly recognisable as him. I’m thoroughly pleased with my decision to ask Holly to paint this commission for me and would recommend her to anyone else.

My dad would have loved his painting Holly, thank you.”